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Accounting Systems record and process accounting transactions in smartly-designed segments which include trial balance, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable. It works as an official accounting information program.

Main Segments:
Accounts receivable in which the firm inputs cash received.
Accounts-payable in which the firm adds its pays money and bills.
Billing - in which, the firm, creates invoices for their customers and clients.
Stock and inventory in which the firm manage its inventories.


What's new in accounting systems?

Advances in accounting systems have made small businesses able to build and track inventory assemblies, customize their pricing levels, track job costs, create and customize business plans, create sales and expense forecasts and assess company performance trends

We are in a new era in which strategy is of vital importance. The focus now is on retaining customers and driving loyalty rather than gaining new market share. In this new world, there are lots of software choices, many opportunities, and potential pitfalls.

Advances in accounting systems will help business do more than just straightforward accounting. It will help them meet the new challenges of today's business world. Depending on your company’s needs the scale can significantly differentiate whether or not you would benefit from SAGE BOB 50 accounting system.


Advantages - The advantages of SAGE BOB 50 accounting system are countless such as; your ability to innovate and change your software, creates better utilization of your time, which in turn helps you outperform your competitors. By using SAGE BOB 50 accounting software, you are eliminating many potential internal costs that would occur during the creation and implementation phases. Every few years if you have managed software system you will be forced to upgrade your software. This allows you to upgrade every 7-10 years without rewriting custom business procedures. This can be an enormous financial relief as well as preventing many hours of unnecessary work.

If you have open source software when technology changes take effect, your software will need to be rewritten; unless you have an open source accounting system with a company like TCS Computers, who offers SAGE BOB 50 Boekhoudprogramma the best of both worlds, cost efficient yet configurable accounting software. 

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